not just blackboards by Karla bove, vermont artist


Karla Bove creates truly unique decorative blackboards handcrafted on wood using her original designs. These chalkboards, sealed to form a durable surface, and enhanced with a practical corkboard, can be custom-designed for personal or professional use—picture one in your kitchen, entry hall or great room. Or, if you are in the service business— restaurant, deli or café— and want to create a daily menu, they can be designed with your logo and catered to any special theme. not just blackboards by Karla bove, vermont artistUse them for business or pleasure or give them as a gift to the friend who has everything. Safe and secure shipping is readily available for the lucky recipient. Contact Karla and she can discuss your needs.

Was there life before blackboards?
Yes!  Karla is also a fine (fun) artist with deep roots in the Caribbean islands where she lived and learned to paint during the  1980’s and 1990’s.  She was greatly influenced by the Haitian primitives and spent years painting bustling harbors, West Indian architecture, and sumptuous market scenes—all with incredible attention to detail.  The reaction to her work has always been joy and happiness.

Karla Bove - Not Just BlackboardsSo what’s the deal on the blackboards?
After moving to Vermont, where the winters are endless, Karla’s tropical inspiration waned a bit and she started painting her other passion- FOOD!  Somehow the culinary preoccupation got coupled with her avid list- making and the first blackboard was born:  that was way back in 1996.  Since that time Karla has been busy painting hundreds of blackboards with many different themes.  Choose one on the website or use your own creativity and let Karla paint your vision with your design, colors and décor in mind.

Recent History
Just recently, Karla has relocated her studio for the winter months to southern California: so be on the lookout for more blackboards and paintings that are inspired by the clear, cloudless skies, fresh produce and general joy that abounds on a daily basis.
This new series will be called California Contemporary.